For businesses

Prepare for ACTION! – you’ve got the lucky ticket to the most historic corporate party. We’ll take care of all the event details: party space, food, drinks, and a chance to get to know your colleagues better. The moments from the party will be alive all year, so start planning it now.


Dėmesio stovyklų organizatoriams! Ieškote papildomų idėjų vasarai? Tuomet šis pasiūlymas kaip tik jums.

Bowling lessons with a trainer

Take your game to the next level – train with professional bowling coaches.

Party with colleagues

No more excuses for corporate parties – every moment here will be filled with unforgettable adventures.

Action! by Apollo gift card

Gift your loved ones an adventure with ACTION! gift card.

Birthday party

The excitement won’t let you feel a year older. Celebrate your birthday with ACTION!


Don’t think twice: reserve a table, and we’ll give you a full evening plan for your corporate party or Friday night out. When taking a break to recharge, you’ll get to know your colleagues better (even those constantly hiding behind their computer screens).